Royal Thai Emerald Ear-Wings

These completely hand made magical earrings are an extension of my love of nature, sustainability, tradition and life cycle.  For centuries, people have been using the beetle as a way to adorn and eat.  Mostly used to adorn royalty or people of high status, the vibrancy has attracted people through time. The iridescent green exterior is completely natural and untreated.  We back it with a strong resin to give it some structural strength.  The earrings are light weight and act as beacon for compliments and questions.  Quantities are limited and each Thai Emerald Ear-wing arrives in its own hand made and silk-screened Heather Benjamin Pouch.

Each bezel is completely had made, hand hammered and hand fit around each resin backed beetle wing.  No two pairs are alike and each one carries with it a distinct personality that comes from the unique style of each metal smith who makes them.

As with all of Heather Benjamin pieces we are determined that it feels as good as it looks.  For these earrings, we pay special attention to the weight.  For the size of the earring they feel virtually weightless.

Earrings are 2.5 inches long