Vintner Stem Collection
Vintner Stem Collection Vintner Stem Collection

Simon Pearce worked with a few of their favorite California winemakers to help them create stemware to appeal to experienced wine tasters and lovers of handblown glass alike. The pulled-stem technique results in a thinner, more lightweight bowl, typical of a classic sommelier's glass. The substantial stem and base, as well as visible ripple lines from the glassblowing process, offer the grace and authenticity to each handcrafted glass that is Simon Pearce's signature. 

white wine
  • Dimensions: 8⅞" H x 3⅛" W x 3⅛" D
  • Capacity: 13 oz

red wine

  • Dimensions: 9⅛" H x 4" W x D 4" D
  • Capacity: 21 oz