Crystal 24k Whiskey/ Double Old Fashioned in White (Set of 2)
Drink in style—24 karat style, that is—with these crystal double old fashioned glasses. Whether you're sipping top-shelf bourbon or a peaty single malt, these gold-infused beauties transform every sip into a glittering, gilded experience. The gold fused into the lead-free crystal glints in the light, giving your bar cart a dash of decadence. But beneath their posh exterior, these glasses are all about enhancing flavor. Crystal is prized by connoisseurs for its ability to bring out the subtle notes in whiskey without overpowering the palate, and these glasses are designed with a wider bowl to allow spirits to breathe. When you're ready to unwind with a glass of liquid gold, reach for the real gold standard. These old fashioned glasses put the "cheers" in cheers-ing, and they're poised to become the toast of your collection. Your whiskey—and your style—will never be the same.