Eucalyptus Napkin Ring in Gold

What a beautiful place setting that's adorned with soft spiral leaves around fine linen napkins. Native to Australia, the tall Eucalyptus tree is not only known for its beauty, but also for its aromatic leaves that yield medicinal oil. The Eucalyptus tree is the only source of food for Koala bears. In addition, it is economically important: the tree for erosion control, the dense lumber for fences, building and furniture, and the bark for tanning and paper. So lean back and you can almost savor the fragrance of these Eucalyptus Napkin Rings.

Cast in Pewter or Zinc in finishes of Antique Pewter (AP) or Antique Bronze (AB). All pieces hand finished to give them definition and brightness and then powder coated to seal in the finish and make them food safe.