Manhattan Glassware Collection
Manhattan Glassware Collection Manhattan Glassware Collection

A sophisticated, modern barware range, Manhattan is a spectacular collection.

The rounded bowl of each piece, twinned with the heavy & curvaceous base makes for a uniquely voluptuous assortment.

The thick ice stems & bases create stunningly weighted glasses, whilst still maintaining a great clarity.

  • Thanks to its size, there's plenty of room for ice and garnishes, as well as plenty of gin, whilst the stem enables you to hold your drink without warming up the bowl.
  • Designed with a smooth, voluptuous shape and solid stem for a superb and stylish statement
  • The thick ice stem provides excellent weight for a well-balanced glass that is comfortable to hold
  • Sleek, curved lines give each glass an elegant, contemporary profile
  • Mouth blown and hand crafted by skilled craftsmen
  • Hand Wash Recommended
How best to look after your glass

Whilst the vast majority of our glasses are, strictly speaking, 'dishwasher safe' wherever possible we strongly suggest hand washing. This will help to prolong the clarity & shine of the glass as well as reduce the chances of it becoming scratched or broken... and with glasses this gorgeous, no one wants that!

Sold as a Set of 2