Waves Diffuser Collection
Waves Diffuser Collection Waves Diffuser Collection Waves Diffuser Collection Waves Diffuser Collection
Phuket Lotus | Fresh White Floral | Green Moss | Musk

Each diffuser drawing is born from an exceptional beautiful nature creation. Often basic yet so precious. ONNO Collection diffusers are high-quality luxury diffusers made by hand by qualified craftsmen. These exclusive diffusers are carefully packed into luxury black gift boxes to indulge yourself in or as a gift for your dearest.

We invite you to discover our world of unique scented candles and diffusers.

ONNO Collection diffusers are very popular because they give you the ONNO Collection scent experience instantly from the moment you come home.

In each diffuser, you will find a new set of diffuser sticks. Refill bottles don’t come with a set of diffuser sticks. Please buy these separately to experience our unique olfactory journeys when you come home. Depending on your choice of fragrance, please follow our advice below.

Pour the entire content into the diffuser holder. Make sure no perfume is spilled during the filling because it may stain furniture or painted surfaces.

When introducing a new fragrance in your home, simply rinse the diffuser thoroughly and use the new diffuser sticks. Fill our exclusive and luxury diffusers and you’re ready to introduce one of our other intriguing fragrances into your home.

Embracing your favorite intriguing ONNO Collection fragrance a little longer? Put the extra sticks aside and hold onto your previous diffuser sticks. Reusing those will magnify their fragrance since the fragrance is already infused in those sticks.

Either way, we advise changing the sticks once a year to experience our intriguing and inviting fragrances to their full potential.